Welcome to Killzone Airsoft

Our team and community at Killzone are here to help you start your airsoft journey.

Whether your looking for an exciting new activity for your birthday, Stag do or you just need an excuse to get out of the house.

Founded by the perfect blend of Ex-forces and airsoft veterans.

Truely a community like no other!

At Killzone we have something for everyone.

If your new to the sport or just looking for a new hobby to fill your weekends then airsoft might be the sport for you.

Our Derbyshire woodland site is run by Volunteers and player Marshalls, who will welcome you in, show you the ropes and cover your six!

Our facilities on site include...

- On site Parking
- Hot cooked food
- Private toilet facilities
- Practice Range
- Game site of over 1 million Sq ft
- Multiple objectives and game mode throughout the day!

Check out the latest events!

We have some special events throughout June for your liking.. All dates are up on the 'Game Day' page.... make sure you don't miss out so book early!!!

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